What’s New

We are making improvements to our programs often. Here are all of the dates and revision numbers. To check what version you have, from the main menu, choose the drop-down menu item File-About. To get a new version, go to the Fieldworks Update page. If you have an old demo version and want to see the new features, go to the Demo page and download a new version.

Go to Newpages.pdf (11-24-09) to view and print the user manual pages for these new features. Or you can download the entire manual in printable PDF format from FieldworksManual.zip (5-18-06)

I will post info about future updates under this section of our website, and I will try to do it near the 1st of the month, so check here to find out if there is a new update.

8-27-11 rev. 3.19
Added a Sokkia SRX robotic driver.
Improved Remote distance function to accept an HT of 0 (better for reflectorless guns.)
Improved Remote elevation and off target shots so it downloads the 2nd zenith angle from Leica guns.
Increased the font size on the desktop version.
Improved 2 point resection so it uses the distance from the 1st shot and the turned angle more priority than the 2nd point’s stored coordinates (for less strength of triangle issues).
Improved COGO so it asks for the From point when you start, and added a From button to change it.

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