List of every past revision

8-27-11 rev. 3.19
Added a Sokkia SRX robotic driver.
Improved Remote distance function to accept an HT of 0 (better for reflectorless guns.)
Improved Remote elevation and off target shots so it downloads the 2nd zenith angle from Leica guns.
Increased the font size on the desktop version.
Improved 2 point resection so it uses the distance from the 1st shot and the turned angle more priority than the 2nd point’s stored coordinates (for less strength of triangle issues).
Improved COGO so it asks for the From point when you start, and added a From button to change it.

10-28-09 To use a cell phone or internet connection for recieving corrections for RTK GPS, you can download the free windows CE NTRIP pocket pc software from NtripGNSSInternetRadioWindowsCE.exe
More info and a laptop/destkop version at:
and run it on any windows ce cell phone or data collector with an internet connection, connected by cable or bluetooth to send the corrections to your GPS. I prefer a windows CE cell phone (like the AT&T Tilt) since it doesn’t consume the processor power and bluetooth or cable ports of your data collector.
Thanks to the German government who created this standard format and free software that all the US GPS and VRS networks use. Many new GPS have the NTRIP and internet connection built in.
A similar program with more options is available for $200 from Sokkia, see:
sokkia gsr netlink

5-23-08 rev. 3.18
Added an option to create a Google Maps GPS visualizer file using the Zone-To Lat function, this lets you view your points (and connected with lines if you turn on “Force plain text to be this type:trackpoints”) in google maps full screen in your browser, overlaid with satellite imagery,roads,shaded terrain maps, USGS topo maps, and pan, zoom and scroll. See, and an example map here:
Added a South NTS Fine driver, with Off.Target working, and changed it since South fixed a bug: old instruments output meters when ft was chosen.

12-03-07 rev. 3.17
Added a driver for the AT&T Tilt/HTC TyTn II phone with built-in GPS.
Added to the Options function a checkbox to switch to horizontal or vertical format screens.
Added ability to put a description on points created using Remote-Point.
Bug fixed: The Stakeout-Turn button with topcon servo instruments was turning to slightly off the point horizontally.

Fieldworks runs on the new AT&T Tilt/HTC TyTnII Phone. This is a nice data collector for surveyors since its like the latest iPAQs running Windows mobile 6, and includes all in one unit a keyboard, GPS, car voice navigation, a decent 3Meg camera, top quality cell phone, high speed internet, email, 6 bluetooth connections, and WiFi. And it only costs $300-$400. We now offer the option to get Fieldworks on the new large capacity 2GB micro-SD cards used on this phone. The drawbacks are: the screen is about 1/2″ smaller than an iPAQ, and it has no serial port so you must use bluetooth to connect to instruments.

1-31-07 rev. 3.16
Improved the program for the new iPAQ 2495 and 2795, with some instruments it would give “Cannot set COM” message. You need to delete all /Program Files/Fieldworks/Baudxx.opt baud rate files, if you had this message.
Bug fixed: with Leica GPS, sometimes it would store an ellipsoid height instead of ortho height (if not using geoid on GPS setup screen.)

11-21-06 rev. 3.15
Improved the Pentax driver to work with the new R-300 NX/EX series, it needed 1 more decimal place on distances.
Added a Sokkia Servo driver to use with the new servo models so you can turn to points for stakeout and do the remote scan function.
Added a GPS+depth driver to use with combined GPS and depthfinder on the same com port.
Improved TO RS232 to output with no spaces as needed for Pentax instruments.
Improved From RS232 to prompt for elevations and point protect as needed for Pentax instruments.
Bug fixed: Tools-Adjust for a point to point traverse would not accept the closing reference bearing with some inputs.

4-27-06 Introducing the new Fieldbook XL Rugged Color computer, Faster 624mhz processor,128MB RAM, 512MB Internal CF, Rugged IP65 wind blown rain rating, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Built-in stylus holder with 3 stylus, Hand strap on the back, Raised keys, for only $2199

5-10-06 rev. 3.14
Improved Collect-multiple angles to do tolerance checks for the zenith angles and distances.
Added a warning to Remote Elevation if you shoot a zenith angle < 45 since thats interpreted as a vertical angle.
Improved all versions to allow larger point numbers > 5 digits.
Improved the desktop version Coords- To DXF with auto-linework to remember the last 20 lines being drawn (instead of 5).
Added a Zone button to the GPS Setup options screen to allow you to check and set the State Plane zone easier.
Bug fixed: Coords-FLD to ASCII with Maptech format, multiple angles shots were not including the point# of 0.
Improved the stakeout screen on the Fieldbook version so that the Towards/Away, Left/Right, Cut/Fill have bigger boxes.
Improved when bluetooth is used, to clear the buffer so Off-Target shots and Status works better.

2-28-06 You can now use a cell phone for recieving corrections for RTK GPS, with or without VRS networks. You can download the windows CE NTRIP software which does this for free from and run it on a iPAQ series cell phone connected directly to your GPS. You can also get a free NTRIP server which you could use with your own base to get much longer range with cell phones instead of radios. Thanks to the German government.

Added a version for the new Ranger 2 or Ranger 500 series from TDS.

11-9-05 rev. 3.13
Added a driver for the South NTS series of total stations.
Improved the stakeout screen on the Fieldbook version so the Towards/Away, Left/Right, Cut/Fill has a white background instead of grey.
Added a check to not allow 0 on template ditch slopes.
Improved GPS setup to do grid to ground conversion (grid factor) without also doing a Translation.
Added a cancel option on Coords-From ASCII in case you choose the wrong file to import.
Added more error checking on writing field data.

6-14-05 rev. 3.12
Added a Remote Point function to work with GPS, measure 2 points for bearing and enter a distance and it computes a 3rd point at that bearing and distance.
Confirmed that our existing Leica GPS driver works fine with the new Leica 1200 GPS system.
Changed GPS so that if you are using a Geoid model and a point is outside the model, it still gives a warning and now it won’t store a point.
Improved the Baud-Test mode feature with a GPS it creates a jobname.gps file with the raw data from the GPS instead of displaying each line.
Bug fixed: Coords-To DXF with points as blocks and no auto-linework, descriptions weren’t showing up.
Improved the Topcon GPS driver by adding a prompt for using a Topcon Hiper lite.
Improved the Trimble/Geodimeter Robot driver so that tapping on the screen stops measuring better.

2-6-05 rev. 3.11
Added an Ashtech GG24 GPS driver.
Added a check on multiple angle shots to make sure you have the scope reversed on the BS reversed shot.
Bug fixed: Remote distance and elevation would not let you Measure since rev. 3.09
Improved the Leica 1200 STD driver:
Got rid of Status button so that you have Collect-Traverse and Stakeout-Measure buttons on screen.
Made the Turn button in Stakeout work even with ATR off.
Made it fine position on a target if you have ATR on.
Improved the Leica 1200 Robot driver:
Made the Search button do the old style spiral search instead of powersearch in window.
Improved the Leica 1100 & 1200 Robot driver:
Added a field on the Status screen to show and set the current prism type.
With GPS changed the Stakeout-Point On Line function go to the Stakeout-Inverse function which is far better.

rev. 3.10 skipped -looks to much like 3.1

11-01-04 rev. 3.09
Improved the GPS Set Base function to warn if you are collecting a position by averaging and a shot differs from the starting position by >50.
Improved the desktop version to better handle opening jobs on network drives.
Improved the Wild T1000/T2000 drivers.
Improved the Topcon GTS driver to work with min. dist set to .001′ (.2mm)
Improved the Fieldbook version so that the F1-Measure and F3-Sideshot keys can be used while on the CAD screen.
Bug fixed: In Review mode, if you hit New Setup it changed your SD to 0.

We now sell the Smart Bluetooth wireless to serial adapter with 4AA battery holder for only $119. Get rid of the cable from your data collector. Connect the adapter (looks like a dongle) to any instrument using a 9 pin Female cable. If your data collector doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in (Fieldbook, Panasonic, or older iPAQs), get the Socket Bluetooth CF card for $129. Both are on our order form now in the 9pin-cables section.

8-23-04 rev. 3.08
For Fieldbook owners who have PocketCAD:
Added a backup_pcad.bat Batch file. After installing PocketCAD from the CD as usual, Use Windows explorer to open the \SystemCF folder and double tap backup_pcad to run it. It will backup all the program and help files to the built-in storage card, and it creates the proper entries in your system FileCopy.txt file so that if you ever lose power or hard reboot you won’t need to re-install PocketCAD. It also creates 2 shortcuts on your desktop for PocketCAD and Help.

Added a driver for the new Leica 1200 series in Standard and Robot mode.
Improved the Leica and Geodimeter robot drivers so that when you tap the screen the distance meter is shut off in tracking modes to save power.
Added a driver for the older Leica TPS1000 Robot since it has different commands than the TPS1100 Robot.
Improved the Topcon 800 by RC2 driver to work with the new Bluetooth wireless version (only works with Socket bluetooth cards)
Improved the Topcon 800 by RC2 driver to handle communication errors better.
Added a new version for the Topcon FC-100 PocketPC.
Improved the Review function in Collect so it shows Backsight Check data as you review.
Added a warning when you setup on a point with no elevation, then no elevations will be computed.
Improved the Topcon driver checksum warnings with the option to turn off the messages (it creates a file called \Program Files\Fieldworks\nocheck.)
Improved COGO to show the vertical distance when Inversing.
Improved the Topcon/Javad GPS driver so that if you hard reset the reciever, we set the base radio baud back to 38400 as needed during a Set Base.
Improved the multiple angle function so if there is trouble reading the BS reversed, it gives you an option to try again.
Bug fixed: On the Panasonic version when you check the ENZ option, it was not changing the prompt for Coords-Enter to ENZ.
Bug fixed: When you hit Collect-Review it starts by going back 2 shots instead of to the previous shot.
Bug fixed: on the Sokkia SET driver, it wouldn’t take angle only measurements on Off-Target or multiple angle shots.

3-29-04 rev. 3.07
Improved the Allegro version to work with the built-in wireless with the Leica robot.
Improved the screen layout on horizontal screen versions so that it shows the job name at the main menu.
Improved the Robotic and RTK GPS drivers and the Channel function so that it will let you out by tapping the screen instead of having to wait the timeout time incase of a problem.
Improved the multiple angles function so when you reject a set it puts Rejected in the point description so you know when you review.
Improved the Pansonic rev.2 so when it auto powers off and on it will re-open the COM2 serial port instead of giving an error when you hit Measure.
Improved the Trimble/Geodimeter robot driver so on the Status screen you can enter a H & V search range.
Improved the Topcon GTS Coarse driver so that on angle only shots like offtarget shots it won’t give E82 (since rev 3.05)
Improved the Topcon 800 STD driver to use coarse mode instead of fine.
Improved the Topcon 800 RC2 driver to ignore more types of communication errors.
Bug Fixed: With the Sokkia Radian GPS, Set Base, Collect a position was using ellipsoid height and this GPS needs Ortho height (since rev. 3.04)
Improved the Stakeout function so when getting points from CAD, the point# is set to 0 so it won’t ask for coords if the Chg.Elev button is hit.

Introducing the new XYZworks Fieldbook rugged Handheld computer at

1-21-04 rev. 3.06b
Bug fixed: In stakeout, after doing Measure and hit Sideshot it says ‘No Shot taken’ when it shouldn’t.

1-16-04 rev 3.06
Improved all instrument communications so you can tap the screen and get out instantly instead of having to wait the timeout time incase of any problem.
Improved all instruments to support Bluetooth wireless connections with the instrument by keeping the port open.
Improved the List function so if you double tap on a point, it lets you edit that point. (on Panasonic and newer iPAQs.)
Added a Coordinates-To CAD function which sends a group of points, lines and symbols to your CAD drawing if you have Plot-as-you-go turned on.
Improved the Review function so that if you had a shot displayed but not stored it will store it.
Improved the Road Stakeout odd station feature so it can handle 2 odd points (PC,PI,PT) within one station interval.
Improved the Vertical Control (PVI) function so it can handle negative stationing.
Bug fixed: On the desktop version using the Level Option the FS Rod field wouldn’t accept decimal point.
Bug fixed: With GPS Rotate to a point# option with convert to feet, the scale it prompts is wrong.
Bug fixed: with GPS and the Geoid button checked and no translation, the ortho height computed is wrong.
Bug fixed: with some new versions of WindowsCE it put 2 extensions when creating .DXF and .LAT files.
Improved FLD to ASCII with TDS format so if you change the Ref. point with the same From point it creates a new OC and BK record.
Improved the File-Backup->Flash function so if your job is in a folder other than \My Documents it will try to make the proper backup folder for you.
Improved the Skyview function for Leica GPS to show the # of satellites.
Improved Collect and Stakeout on the Ranger, DAP, Allegro, and Topcon FC-1000 so that Enter= Measure and Esc=Sideshot to get the tactile feedback of a keypress since they don’t have Function keys.
Improved the function keys F1 or Enter = Measure and F3 or Esc = Sideshot so that they put the focus on the Description field to avoid having to tap the screen or Tab to get there.
Improved all the GPS drivers so if there are many incoming points waiting in the buffer when you hit Measure it will clear them out before displaying the current point.
Added to Options a E-N-Z check box for European users who like to view and enter coordinates in that order.
Improved the Topcon GTS drivers by verifying the checksum to warn if bad data received.
Improved the Geodimeter/Trimble robot driver by adding the Turn button to the Stakeout functions.

10-24-03 rev 3.05
Improved the PocketCAD addin for Stakeout so if you pick a point, line, or block with an elevation it brings the elevation into Fieldworks along with the N and E.
Improved the Review mode Prev. button so it goes past mult. angle sets.
Improved Review mode so that you can enter a Rec# before you hit Review or Tab and it goes to that record.
Improved FLD TO ASCII with TDS format so that multiple angle shots show up as notes, followed by the averages in a shot.
Improved the File-View function so you can view any kind of files by picking *.*
Improved the Leica GPS driver to show the number of satellites on the HQ line.
Improved it so you can set the Baud of a depthfinder as a second instrument.
Bug fixed: In COGO-Inverse curve, the >180 button didn’t work. (since rev. 3.0)
Bug fixed: With Sokkia IS GPS driver the HQ displayed was always large.
Bug fixed: with GPS and Translating to a point with convert to feet checked it translated far from there, and the grid to ground box did not work since rev. 3.04.
Bug fixed: with GPS it would sometimes give ‘cannot open COM’ message since rev. 3.04.
Added a File Capture driver which saves all incoming data from the serial port to a file for troubleshooting or special functions like collecting static data (if your GPS is configured to output it.)

Warning, the new HP iPAQ 2210 has a Windows Mobile 2003 Soft Reset Bug. (doesn’t affect older ipaqs.)

Every time you soft reset your unit 3 records are added into a system database called DB_notify_events. After 30 soft resets the system will start to act unstable and starting from 50 soft resets you will have difficulties synchronizing your device. The problem can be fixed by installing this software:

We now stock a new part from Panasonic that you might be interested in if you have a Panasonic Toughbook, we call it a cable stabilizer. It
clips onto the bottom of the unit and makes the cable connection more rugged so you get less connector movement and wear. It is only $39 and
you can order it from our website at

10-7-03 rev 3.04
Added a button to the Status screen for the new Leica robot PowerSearch function.
Added a File-View function so you can view text files like the coordinate quality .CQ, cutsheet .CUT, or printout.txt files.
Improved the Topcon 800 by RC2 driver so the Status screen is quicker going in and removed the up/down/left/right buttons which aren’t valid.
Improved the XYZworks keyboard to make it work better on the new 400mHz processors which would cause some keys to stay black if hit quickly.
Improved the AutoSS function so it stores the points at your TO: point entry instead of always at the end of the job.
Improved the Road Stakeout function when you stake points by an even station interval, and it passes a Control point (PI,PC,PT) it asks if you
want to stake the odd station.
Improved Collect and Stakeout so you can change the HI or HT by tapping on that field in addition to hitting NewSetup.
Improved the Set Base function for RTK:
1. if you have Convert to Feet checked, the grid coordinates of the base are converted to feet.
2. if using the Collect Base Lat/Lon option it stores ellipsoid height in the point description.
3. if you setup on an existing point#, it looks in the description for the ellipsoid height if you don’t have the Geoid model.
4. if you enter a position it prompts for ortho height if you have the Geoid model, or ellipsoid height otherwise.
5. added more information in the CQ file for base setup.
Changed it so the CQ file always shows lat, lon, ellipsoid height instead of ortho height.
Bug fixed: Road-Stakeout-Compall wouldn’t compute points properly along 2 spiral curves in a row with no points between.
Bug fixed: Road-Stakeout-Inverse wouldn’t compute stationing properly along spiral curves with negative delta angle.
Added a driver for NMEA depthfinders.

8-04-03 rev 3.03
Added a driver for NavCom RTK GPS units. If you are using a driver below this on the list in Options such as a Topcon robot, you will need to check and re-set your baud rate under the Baud function.
Improved the driver for all RTK GPS so that if you collect a base position, it will let you average for as long as you like before you set the position.
Improved the program to work with the newest rev. models of iPAQ 3900’s and 2200’s which would say ‘cannot read card, call XYZworks’.
Improved FLD TO ASCII if using TDS format to set the feet, international feet or meters note in the header.
Bug fixed: In COGO, D-D intersect did not work with the CCW solution where you enter the second distance as negative (since rev. 2.16)
Bug fixed: With Notes greater than 10 chars. the last part was not getting displayed properly (they were stored in full).
Bug fixed: in Collect, the last shot with 0 distance was not storing the TR description for a point to point traverse.

5-13-03 rev 3.02
Added a driver for Trimble 5600/ Geodimeter 600 robots from the pole (already had a driver for direct connect to the gun.)
Improved the program to install on PCs like the Dell Axim which call the card by a different name than “Storage Card”, you enter the name of the card like CF CARD.
Bug fixed: On a BS check, the displayed was slightly wrong (the delta-N,E, and H were right.)
Improved the FLD to ASCII function so that if you change HI without changing the From or Ref points, it will create a new setup record in TDS or SDR format.
Improved the stationing display under Stakeout so that if the fractional station is less than 2 digits it displays the 2 leading zeros such as 4+00.23.

4-07-03 rev 3.01
Improved the PocketCAD addins so that you can stay on the CAD drawing and track your position with an X as you move around by hitting the Show Position button, then the F1-Measure function key, and store Sideshots with the F3 key. This new feature lets you do CAD 2 ways, a) the original method of working on the Fieldworks screen with the drawing plotting in the background, or the new method b) work on the CAD drawing with Fieldworks in the background measuring and storing points (mainly designed for GPS and robots, great for recon with a handheld GPS.)
Added to Options 2 inst. check box for using a second COM port and a Digitrace depthfinder for hydrographic surveys.
Bug fixed: on GPS setup, entering a point# for base point doesn’t work since rev. 3.0 it asks for Longitude instead.
Improved the Topcon 800 with RC2 driver so its faster displaying the Status screen since it doesn’t read the settings each time.
Improved the robot drivers so if you do multiple angles it will go to the Status screen to turn to the BS reversed.
Improved the drivers for all GPS so that the HI is input in feet if the Convert to Feet box is checked on the GPS setup screen.

2-20-03 rev 3.0
Added more buttons to the main menu in 3 columns for quicker access, since we have added many new functions over the last 3 years.
Added a P.Offsets function for a simpler way to get perpendicular offsets from a line (instead of Stakeout-Inverse.)
Added a Sets button on the Coordinates-Rotate function so you can transform sets of points as defined in the Plot function.
Added to Collect an AutoSideshot by distance from the last Sideshot option, setup under Tools-Baud rate (only with GPS)
Improved the AutoSS function so that if the HQ tolerance is exceeded, it won’t automatically store a shot.
Added to Collect the display of the Azimuth after the backsight and after each shot.
Added a Note button to Collect and Stakeout to include notes or added descriptions in the field data after any shot (warning if you use Notes the field data file is not backwards compatible to earlier revisions of Fieldworks.)
Improved the GPS Skyview function to include Russian GLONASS satellites on Topcon/Javad recievers that handle those.
Added convert to/from US feet or Intl. feet buttons on the File-Zone command for State Plane Coordinates in feet.
Added another decimal place to Lat. and Lon. printouts in the File-Zone functions.
Bug fixed: FLD to Ascii in SDR format, the BS angles were ddd.mmss and should be ddd.dddd
Bug fixed: If H.control in Stakeout-Road-Inverse ends on a curve, the station displayed in Inverse at the last PT is wrong.
Improved the GPS setup so it automatically turns off the Geoid for Set Base, and turns it on again (if checked) for translate.
Improved COGO so that the Area button also reports the perimeter distance.
Improved the Plot function so if you hit Menu to exit while a plot is displayed, it stores your point list.
Added an Area button on the Plot screen so you can get an area and perimeter of the points just plotted.
Improved the Panasonic version so in Review mode the field data is easier to read (the fields are not gray.)
Improved Options so you can change instrument and still keep your Setup info (except when changing from Total Station to GPS)
Improved the drivers for Topcon instruments so its quicker to get out by tapping anywhere if data is not being recieved (nice for robots.)
Improved the display of filenames, if too long to fit, it displays only the important end part instead of the first part.

1-28-03 rev 2.16
Added the option to GPS setup screen to use a Geoid model (Geoid99) from NGS for more accurate elevations, see
Added saving the Latitude, Longitude and elevation of each GPS point in the CQ file along with the horizontal and vertical quality.
Added keyboard shortcuts for most menu choices, hit the underlined character of the menu item (especially useful on the desktop version.)
Added a Remote point function to use a special rod with 2 prisms to shoot accurate coordinates on points which are not visible but can be reached by a skewed pole such as manhole inverts, building corners, etc.
Improved the Plot function so while a plot is displayed and you tap the screen it doesn’t edit the point list.
Added the ability to +/- an angle when entering or recalling bearings, and divide/+/- when entering or recalling distances in COGO.
Improved COGO to display the bearing computed after a bearing recall and hitting Tab.
Added a Inv SS button to COGO which Inverses and holds the From point constant.
Bug fixed: In COGO, B-D intersection did not allow distance recall.
Changed the Off Target function so it will slightly increase the SD when a perp. offset is used by solving for the hypotenuse of the right triangle.
Added saving the entered offsets in the Off Target shots function in the printout.txt file.
Added a display of the Distance off to the Backsight Check function.
Improved the Review function so when done it will reset your From, Ref, HI and HT to what it was before Review.

12-15-02 rev 2.15
Changed the FLD to ASCII function so with TDS format, a backsight check shows up as a note instead of a sideshot.
Bug fixed: With GPS, if a rotation is used, it was not being saved after you leave the job.
Bug fixed: with Elevations off in Options, it was still storing an elevation on Sideshots, and was not prompting for BS check.
Improved the Descriptions-Import function so that it truncates your descriptions if they are longer than 21 chars.

9-25-02 rev 2.14
Added a prompt after New Setup for a Backsight Check.
Added to the Options screen to Time Stamp your shots in the description in Collect.
Added a Topcon 800 robot by RC2 driver which uses optical communications instead of a radio.
Improved all GPS drivers so that its easier to get out by tapping the screen when data is not being received.
Added to File-Zone the Canada MTM zones coordinate conversions.
Improved the Ashtech Z12 driver so that you don’t need to manually turn on NMEA output, it is done automatically when you Set Base or Rover.
Improved the Asthech Z and Z12 GPS driver to make a reset optional when doing a Set Base or Rover.
Improved Stakeout so that the first Sideshot taken defaults to the end of the file instead of end+1.
Bug fixed: In COGO, B-D Intersection if you pick the Long distance, it didn’t compute the intersection point.
Bug fixed: In Stakeout-Inverse if you enter a V.Offset, it offsets the wrong direction.
Changed the Collect-multiple angles so that if you reject a set, it says Start the set over instead of Delete entire set? (so the bad set is still recorded for troubleshooting.)
In PocketCAD, added a reminder to don’t check the box to load the FieldworksPLT addin all the time (on the Panasonic it caused a problem opening files.)

8-18-02 rev 2.13
Added a File-Output function to send a file of commands out the serial port for custom GPS applications.
Improved the Leica GPS driver to use orthometric heights instead of ellipsoid if you have the geoid model in the GPS.
Improved Leica robot driver so that Standby puts it in Sleep mode instead of off, and added an EDM Mode setting to the Status screen (before it was always mode 6- Repeat Std.)
Changed the Topcon Robot driver so that if you have the light on and you hit left or right, it keeps the light on.
Bug fixed: In Stakeout-Inverse if you go Outside the H.control past the end, it displays Outside H.control since rev 2.09 but computes the station wrong, offset was OK.
Improved Stakeout-Road so if the point you are staking is slightly past the ending station because of roundoff it won’t say Outside H.Control.
Improved the desktop version so it can open and create files on remote networked computers drives.
Improved the Zeiss/Trimble and Leica drivers to retake the shot when some kinds of bad data is recieved (@W127).
Improved the Wild T2000 driver to accept more versions of the T2000.
Improved the Geodimeter 600 series driver so it doesn’t try to measure the distance in the reversed position since this instrument can’t do that.
Added Tools-Channel function to the Panasonic version.

6-11-02 rev 2.12
Added a Point Protect? question when doing Coordinates – From ASCII to avoid getting Point # used, overwrite? questions.
Changed it so that the hardware buttons #1 and 3 are de-activated when you go into the Status screen.
Added a Ashtech Z-12 GPS driver. If you are using a device below the GPS on the list of instruments, you will need to choose it again and check the baud rate.
Added a Skyview button for Topcon/Javad and Leica GPS.
With Nikon driver, off-target shots, the last digit of seconds was always 0.
Improved the FLD to ASCII-TDS format to include a job header line and a Starting point SP line which some software uses, and made it always write the Occ. and BK records.
Changed Stakeout-Roads so template changes at greater than or equal to the template station, instead of greater than the station.
Bug fixed: If you use Collect-Offtarget shots with a negative perp.offset that makes the shot left of your backsight, you get a negative angle.
Bug fixed: On the desktop version only, 2 point resection was not computing the instrument point, it used Pt.1.
Changed the Vertical Control so it recognizes the Starting station for the Get-Hz button.
Changed Stakeout- Review mode so that you can’t hit the CAD button.

4-11-02 rev 2.11
Added a Prev. button to Collect and Stakeout Review mode to review previous field data without entering a Rec#.
Added to the GPS Setup options:
1-A question “Change the existing translation?” if you hit Collect Point and you already have done it before in that Job.
2-Changed the button name from Collect Point to Trans. point to avoid confusion with the Collect function.
3-Added when you hit Rotate, you can choose a bearing or point# to rotate to, and it computes the scale and rotation.
Changed the GPS coordinate quality (.CQ) report to show horizontal quality in feet if the coordinate system was converted to feet, and to include the HDOP numbers when the NMEA driver is used.
Added a printout of the base, translation and rotation points and quality to the .CQ report.
Bug fixed: with Ashtech Z GPS driver, the N and E in the coordinate quality (.CQ) file were always 0.
Bug fixed: with Nikon driver, Off-target shots would come in with decimal place wrong.
Improved the GPS Skyview plot to show a count of # satellites locked.
Bug fixed: in the GPS Skyview plot when there were > 7 satellites it would sometimes not show the last one as locked.
Changed so when you switch jobs, the default point# in Collect and Stakeout is the end of file.
Bug fixed: Deleted shots in the middle of mult. angle sets would get counted in Review mode.
Bug fixed: Coordinates-FLD to ASCII with SDR format, the angles were ddd.mmss and should be ddd.dddd
Added to the Descriptions-Import feature: if the first line of your mydescr.txt file is NO SORT (uppercase) the descriptions will not be sorted.

Fieldworks now runs on the new rugged Panasonic Toughbook 01, for more details see the Panasonic page
Rev. 2.10 skipped since it looks too much like 2.1

3-7-02 rev 2.09
Added a Skyview button to the GPS options screen to produce a graphic plot of all the satellites in view and mark the currently locked satellites.
Improved the Stakeout Road and Inverse functions so if you are Outside H. Control it displays a warning message, you don’t have to hit OK, and it still computes the station and offset by extending the last line or curve.
Added a Coordinates-Descriptions-Import function to import an entire description list from an ASCII file you have created using other software.
Added to Tools- Baud Rate the option of selecting any COM port, useful for compact flash GPS cards using COM4.
Improved the Collect function by making a beep sound when a point is stored.
Changed the robotic drivers so the Turn button changes back to Sideshot after you hit Track and start taking measurements.
Added hitting hardware buttons to perform functions:
1-Measure in Collect or Stakeout (since rev. 2.06)
2-0 SET in Status screen for robotics.
3-Sideshot in Collect or Stakeout.
Improved GPS Options so that if you have Convert to feet checked and no Translate to point, it will scale every point from 0,0.
Improved Review mode so if you hit New Setup to change the Occ. or Ref. point, it doesn’t clear the field data.
Changed FLD-To ASCII function if SDR format is chosen to output 09F1 data tags instead of 09MC tags.
Bug fixed: UTM coordinates in the S. hemisphere gave negative Northings, changed to add 10,000,000.
Bug fixed: on the desktop version only, COGO-create curve made the Radius point = PI.
Improved the desktop version so it can be installed to other drives or folders besides c:\Program Files\Fieldworks.
Improved the desktop version so it shows up in the taskbar for easier program switching.

1-28-02 rev 2.08
Changed the Tools-Adjust function to handle the first shot being a BS check.
Improved the Topcon robotic driver by adding the ability to change radio Channel on the Status screen.
Bug fixed: with RTK GPS Set Base command, sometimes the base did not start transmitting.
Bug fixed: in COGO on the desktop version only, after entering a bearing code, the cursor moved to the To: field instead of the distance field.

Read the latest review of Fieldworks in POB magazine, or available online at: XYZworks Fieldworks — Courtesy of Point of Beginning.

12-27-01 rev 2.07
Added a File-Zone command to choose a state plane zone (UTM, Lambert or Transverse Mercator) for GPS coords. Also includes conversion from grid to lat, lon that is displayed and stored in an ASCII file, and from entered or stored lat, lon to grid coords.
Improved the Topcon/Javad GPS driver to show battery voltage, and to allow more types of internal/external radios.
Added a Tools-Channel function to change the channel on PacCrest radios used for RTK and Robots, including the internal radio in Topcon HiPer GPS.
Improved the Open Job and New Job functions so if you hit Cancel, it keeps you in the existing job instead of saying Cannot open file.
Improved the Tools-adjust function to write a copy of the Traverse Closure report to a file named printout.txt that can be printed out later.
Added a Chg.Elev button to the Stakeout screen to allow a simple way to change the elevation of the stakeout point, put the keyboard down to see it.
Added an option to Collect to shoot the distance to the Ref. point instead of using the default of setting a point 100′ up the line (when entering a ref. bearing.)
Changed CADcodes so it defaults to Point# as blocks.
Added the option to CADcodes of 3d or 2d lines.
Bug Fixed: the Coordinates- To DXF button was not working since rev. 2.06 (you could still use it from the popup menu.)
Changed the desktop version so you can edit the angles and distance in Review mode.

11-26-01 rev 2.06
Made the left front button function as a Measure key in Stakeout and Collect so you get a tactile snap when you trigger a Measurement.
Added Ashtech Z and GG series GPS and Sokkia Radian and Radian IS GPS GPS drivers, which initialize the base and rover so you can do full RTK surveying with just one pocketPC.
Added a File-Average menu item to average a series of coordinates and display the standard error, useful with GPS systems.
Made a special beep for the GPS tolerance exceeded warning instead of requring you to hit OK.
Improved ability to work with foreign language versions of PocketPCs.
Improved Stakeout-Road-Catch function to only warn you once if you are not outside the top/toe.
Improved Road staking functions so your template can have ditch width=0 and 0 segments for special cases of slope staking.
Bug fixed: the template editor was not storing multiple road templates properly.
Bug fixed: with metric units selected, COGO was displaying area in hectares*10, and the refraction correction was wrong causing Collect to compute metric coords wrong.
Improved Leica robotic driver so that the Turn button works every time even if instrument has been turned off and on, and Standby puts it in Sleep mode instead of off for quicker powerup.
Changed the XYZworks keyboard return button to work properly with the Notes software.

10-22-01 rev 2.05
Added Tools-Adjust function to compute closure and perform compass adjustment of traverses. (already in desktop version.)
Improved the traverse adjustment function to look for traverse points only by descriptions starting with TR.
Improved Collect and Stakeout to remember your To: point# & descr. when you leave and come back.
Improved GPS Options to include rotation by simply collecting a second point and entering a desired bearing or pt#,pt# to that point.
Changed GPS HP: (HDOP) display to say HQ: and converts to feet if used.
Improved GPS Options to include a Tolerance field to warn when HQ (horizontal quality) exceeds a desired tolerance during Collect or Stakeout.
Improved the Road Stakeout functions to insure that the Horizontal Control points have coordinates assigned.
Made robotic instruments have the Turn button under stakeout.
Added a separate Topcon APL1 driver from the 800 series since under Status the H.Range displays where V.Range should be.
Improved Robotic drivers with a confirmation after you do a 0 Set that it worked.
Made Topcon Robotic driver search immediately after you hit the Search button, and made it display a warning if your instrument gets a ‘Tilt’ condition.
Added to Stakeout a display of the total distance to move, put the keyboard down to see it.
Improved Collect with robotic instruments to ask Store a sideshot? when you hit Menu with a measurement displayed (earlier revs. always store.)
Improved all reports so they print the job description at the top.
Changed Options so when you use a GPS it doesn’t uncheck the ‘Save Field Data’ option.
Improved the display of the Start bar so it doesn’t disappear sometimes at the main menu.
Changed the help display for compatibility with the new PocketPC 2002 Operating System used on the new HP 560 series and Compaq iPAQ 3700/3800 series.
Added 2 buttons to the PocketCAD addin:
1. Show Position triggers a measurement and shows your current position on the drawing with an X.
2. Zoom center which triggers a measurement and then zooms centered about your current position.
Support tip:
In PocketCAD you can easily zoom in and out on a drawing by pressing up or down on the speaker button of an iPAQ, and change to pan by pressing the center of the speaker.

9-26-01 rev 2.04
Improved CADcodes and the PocketCAD addin to remember and draw up to 5 different lines at a time.
Improved CADcodes to search for the longest match for a description.
Improved the iPAQ menus so that CAD only shows up when it is a valid choice.
Improved From ASCII to ask whether the file contains elevations.
Removed the Topcon GTS verifying the checksum since it was invalid too often since rev 2.03.
Improved the keyboard so when you change to 123 and back to alpha it remembers CAPS mode if on.
Improved Collect so that when you Review, then come back to Collect it remembers the last description you were using.
Improved Remote Distance to show % grade.
Bug fixed: Stakeout-Road-Inverse was not computing station/offset properly near curves in some situations.
Added to Collect-multiple angles an option to delete the entire set if you have a shot that exceeds the tolerance.
Made stations display the # of decimals in Options for distances, not coordinates.
Improved Stakeout-Road-Inverse to display your Cut/Fill and Station and Offset updating as you move around if you have vertical control on.
Improved the Stakeout-Road-Vertical control with the following:
Automatically fixes stations so they have the same# of digits and sort properly.
Improved editing of PVIs by hitting Add PVI and if the station already exists, it edits the existing PVI so you never have 2 with the same station.
Added a Get-Hz button to automatically get your vertical control from your horizontal control if it has elevations.

9-4-01 rev 2.03
Added to Tools-Baud Rate an AutoSS box which automatically stores a Sideshot at a specified time interval with Robotic instruments and GPS.
Improved Tools-Baud Rate with the ability to remember custom settings for multiple instruments, so when you switch the settings are always remembered.
Added Spiral Curves to Road alignments, computes all the spiral parameters by simply providing the Spiral Length and Radius in the horizontal alignment with a ‘S’ command. (no pre-computing of TS, ST, or radius points needed.)
Added a backsight check in Collect by entering a To: point equal to the Ref. point and it displays the difference between stored point and shot (already could do in Stakeout.)
Added a Stakeout-Inverse function which is a simple way to display station and offset of points from a line, and display your station and offset in real-time with GPS and Robotics.
Improved the Topcon GTS drivers by verifying the checksum to warn if bad data received.
Improved the Topcon robotic driver by adding the ability to change radio Channel on the Status screen.
Bug fixed: Field data to ASCII in Maptech format did not work right since rev. 2.02
Bug fixed: The default baud rates for several instruments was 1200 instead of 9600 since rev. 2.02
Bug fixed: Nikon D50 got the HA, ZA with the decimal off one place since rev. 2.0
Added Offset Intersection to the Tools menu, computes a point at the intersection of offsets from 2 lines.

7-30-01 rev 2.02
Added the ability to average multiple shots in Collect, both direct and reversed, and to warn about angles that exceed a user-set tolerance from the average.
Added to Coordinates-Rotate an option to enter a point# to translate to instead of entering coordinates.
Added a driver for Zeiss Elta 3 instruments.
Improved the Topcon robotic driver so you can Collect a series of points from the pole by simply hitting Sideshot, and it stays in Measure mode.
Bug fixed: 2 point resection with Topcon GTS drivers would erase the first ZA on the shot to the second point.
Bug fixed: In Stakeout, if you pick Plot (ARM version only) it switches to collect mode when you come back.
Bug fixed: In Road Stakeout-Catch it computed the slope staking info off by 2x the radius on the left side of curves.
Bug fixed: After Collect-New Setup-Shoot BM, it returned to the menu instead of staying in Collect.
Improved Coordinates-To ASCII, Under the Save As dialog, added the option to pick a Type: of TDS (*.rw5) or Other (*.*) and you can put whatever extension you like.
Changed the XYZworks keyboard so that CAP does not work like holding the shift key down.

6-28-01 rev 2.01
Added to CADcodes the options of separate layers for the point, lines and symbol, and a separate size for point# and symbol, and you can draw both lines and a symbol.
If you have defined any CADcodes already, you will need to delete the \Mobile Device\Program Files\Fieldworks\decode.txt file since this new version uses a different format.
Made the point blocks layers in upper case to be more Softdesk/AutoDesk/Carlson compatible.
Added a check to make sure the symbol blocks exist that you insert with CADcodes into PocketCAD, so it doesnt hang up Fieldworks until you exit PocketCAD.
Added the ability to change the H.T. in stakeout without hitting the new setup button, just click on the field and change it.
Bug fixed: In FLD to ASCII, TDS format, the last sideshot in a setup was put with the next setup when you don’t traverse, and the last shot in file did not show up.
Changed the Left/Right indicators in Stakeout so that it is from the Rod point of view, not the Instrument Person, same with the L/R buttons on Robotic Status screen.
Bug fixed: In Road Stakeout – Inverse, it would display error: BC-RP-EC Radii dont match when it shouldn’t.
Bug fixed: In the cutsheet, it prints C or F properly but puts – on fill, should be none.
Improved Road Stakeout so that if you have Vertical Control defined, it uses it automatically, no turning it on each time.
Improved Road Stakeout so that it remembers your sta, offset, and v.offset if you leave to run another function and come back.
Improved the Topcon driver so it puts the instrument into H/V mode automatically when doing offtarget shots so it doesn’t try to shoot a distance.
Added drivers for the Zeiss R50 and Trimble 3300 series instruments.

6-05-01 rev 2.0
Added custom programs called Addins for PocketCAD to pick points by pointing at them in your CAD drawing, to Plot-as-you-go based on the descriptions, and to bring a Fieldworks Plot by point numbers into a CAD drawing. In Fieldworks you press the CAD button in Collect, Stakeout, COGO or the Coordinates-Enter screen to switch to the CAD drawing. Then you simply tap on the point you want.
Added a CADcode button to Coordinates- Descriptions to define how lines, curves, text and symbols are sent to CAD programs based on point description.
Changed the Left/Right indicators in Stakeout so that it is from the Rod point of view, not the Instrument Person, same with the L/R buttons on Robotic Status screen.
Improved the 2 point resection function so that the points do not need to be shot clockwise.
Added an XYZworks custom keyboard which is easier to use than the Resco Keyboard.
Added a Leica Robotic driver that works at the pole over the radios with full control over measurements and settings.
Added US Ft and Int.Ft to options function (needed for Leica Robotic.)
Improved the Leica Servo driver to turn to points to be staked.
Improved the Leica GPS driver to display the Horiz.+Vert. coordinate quality, and save a report of the point quality in a file.
Added support for the Topcon 800 series Robotic instruments RC-2 Fast Track device.
Added a Topcon 800 series standard mode driver.
Made robotic instruments continously display data after hitting Measure in the Collect function to better tell your tracking and transmission status.
Improved the Nikon driver to get the last digit of seconds.
Bug fixed: (iPAQ only) Made 2 point resection put measurements into proper fields.
Bug fixed: in Stakeout-Roads the Cutsheet did not show the point if you didn’t hit Next Pt.
Added to Stakeout-Roads: if you are not using a vertical alignment, you can enter the elevation of points directly in the V.Offset field.
Added to Stakeout-Roads an option to allow you to choose whether you want to store the computed Stake points (you can always store the as-staked points by hitting Sideshot.)
Made Sideshots in Stakeout increment from your last sideshot point#, instead of end of file.
Changed the Coordinates-Descriptions function so it does not add spaces onto the end of pre-defined descriptions.

Look in the April issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine for a good review of Fieldworks. It has many screen shots and gives a good try at covering the many features of the program. If you can’t find the magazine, here is a link to view an online version of that review:Fieldworks by XYZ Works.pdf (This article appeared in the April 2001 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine and is displayed with permission. Copyright 2001 by Professional Surveyors Publishing Co., Inc.)

4-9-01 rev 1.14

Added a CAD button which runs PocketCAD directly from Collect, Stakeout, and COGO with iPAQ versions only (if you have PocketCAD installed.)
You can also assign one of the 4 hardware buttons for a one button switch to PocketCAD.
Added the ability to run Geodimeter 600’s in Auto-lock robotically from the pole using Pac-Crest radios.
Made the File-To RS232 function send area/job files to Geodimeters at instrument or pole.
Added a Geodimeter Servo TRK driver to work in Track mode, updates about every .6 sec.
Changed Topcon driver so that it works better, and doesnt require setting CR/LF anymore.
Hardware Bug not fixed until Compaq fixes: the Compaq iPAQ 3650 does not trigger instruments reliably only at 1200 baud (drops about 10% of characters sent.) No problem with other PC’s or baud rates, even the iPAQ 3150 mono (same processor.) Only occurs on the color iPAQ.
Bug fixed: Using the Level Option on MIPS version, the FS rod field does not accept decimals.
Bug fixed: Collect & Stakeout on the Pentax only version keeps asking for reference point.
Added a Tools-Adjust option to perform Compass Adjustment on the desktop version only.
Made the Enter key work like the Tab key on PC’s with keyboards, useful on the desktop version.

3-15-01 rev 1.13
Added a one-button plot key under Record, Stakeout, and COGO with iPAQ versions only.
Added drivers for Laser Atlanta ALS (automatic laser scanner) and the MDL Laser Ace.
Added test mode to Tools-Baud rate to display strings of data coming from an instrument.
Added decimal distances to 4 places in Options.
Bug fixed: the Stakeout – Sets function was not displaying the distances to move after a shot.
Bug fixed: if you open an existing job with Options- field data off, then turn on field data, it does not go to the end of the old field data.
Bug fixed: when using the Review field data function by keying in a rec#, and going back to a rec that has a different setup, it does not recognize the new setup.
Added Topcon Old driver for instruments before the GTS3B.

We now make a version of the Small Window Case for the Aero 1550 with a slot in the bottom to let you use your existing instrument cable. It is not totally waterproof like the Surveyors Window Case because it has a 1/8″ hole in the bottom, but costs only $42 and is smaller than the Surveyors Window Case. (Slotted Small Window Case Not available for the iPAQ, the cable does not fit.)

We now have a desktop version of Fieldworks that runs on Windows 95/98/Me/2000. You no longer need a PocketPC to use the powerful features of Fieldworks. It looks and functions just like the PocketPC version, except it cannot hook to your field instrument (and you use a mouse instead of a touch screen.) It is useful if you already own Fieldworks because you can use it to design or review work in the office, look at plots on a bigger screen, or enter things like road alignments and templates, and then copy the files into your PocketPC to use in the field. Another good use might be to customize your list of pre-defined point descriptions using the desktop’s keyboard, then download to PocketPC. See the Demo page to download your free copy.

The demo version of Fieldworks_desktop can be converted to a full version by calling XYZworks and getting a registration number. We are offering a special price on the full desktop version for only $349 (normally $495) for customers who already have Fieldworks for their PocketPC.

Compaq has introduced a new PocketPC that replaces the Aero 1550. It has a 3 times faster 206Mhz processor, yet uses less power. You can choose from a monochrome screen with 16MB RAM called the iPAQ 3150 for $349, or a color screen with 32MB RAM called the iPAQ 3650 for $549. (we have the mono 3150 in stock right now, and hope to get stock of the color 3650 soon.) Compaq makes the best PocketPC’s for surveyors since they have the best screen outdoors in full sun. Those of you who have the Aero 1550 might want to buy a spare battery or other accessories like a car charger with extra stylii now while still available from Compaq (we have them in stock.)

2-13-01 rev 1.12
Added an AutoInverse button when using GPS – Collect which displays the bearing and distance from any stored point to the current position, updating rapidly as you move. Useful to find corners by simply watching the bearing and distance update as you walk until you get near what the plat bearing and distance is.
Added an Adj.Brg button using GPS – Collect when displaying the Inverse bearing, to adjust (rotate) the true bearings to match an old plat bearing.
Added transfer of ASCII coordinate files from/to Leica GPS using RS232.
Made the Sideshot function beep when storing a point using GPS.
Changed the File – Backup->Flash command so that it creates the \Storage Card\Backup\My Documents folder if it doesn’t exist.
Added a From and To point display with the last bearing and distance displayed in COGO.
Added to the Tools-Baud rate function to set the timeout time while waiting for data.
Added an option to transfer field data to Maptech .FLD files.
Added Coordinates – To DXF function, with options to send elevations, descriptions and automatic linework based on point descriptions to most CAD packages.

1-29-01 rev 1.11
Added a Topcon APL1A + 800 Series robotic (radio modem) and standard (direct connection) driver.
Added a Turn button under stakeout with motorized and robotic instruments.
Added a Leica GPS driver.
Added a Localization option to automatically convert GPS coordinates to ground coordinates, convert to feet, and translate to a local coordinate system which makes it easy to integrate GPS with total stations in the same job.
Made the Coordinates – From ASCII function read from space delimited (Maptech) as well as comma delimited files.
Added an As-built printout option for the stakeout functions – makes a printout file containing the design coordinates, and the delta-N, delta-E, and cut/fill to the as-built point.
Added From/To RS232 functions to send/receive an ASCII file to the serial port (if you have chosen Geodimeter, it sends/recieves Area and Job files.)
Added Tools – Held Areas – Hinge and Slide commands to compute lots with pre-determined areas.
rev 1.10 skipped, it looks too much like rev 1.1

Here is a useful free program for you, it is called Transcriber. It is great for text input like point descriptions instead of using the popup keyboard or character recognizer. It lets you scribble your text anywhere on the screen, entire words or phrases, even in cursive, and then fills in the field. I think Microsoft was planning on charging for it, but it is available now as a free download at:

Here is a support tip:
Don’t leave your Pocket PC sit around with a low battery and forget to charge it for several weeks, because the unit still draws a small amount of power even when off. If you have the Compaq Aero, it has a backup battery that will take over to save your data, but eventually that battery will run out and you could lose data. The backup battery is not rechargable, it is a watch battery (CR2032.) You can buy them at Radio Shack for $3 if you get a message box that pops up saying your backup battery is low. Most other computers besides the Aero will lose their data if you let it sit until the battery is completely dead, (you are not working enough!) so this is a good reason you should learn to use the File – Backup->Flash command since then your data is safe on the Compact Flash card which needs no power.

1-3-01 rev 1.09
Added a Road Stakeout-Inverse button to stake already stored points and display station and offset (useful to stake PC and PT of curves). Also displays your current station and offset when you hit Measure or updating when you hit Track. This can be used for many purposes by hitting Sideshot to create a point, then press Tab to get a cut/fill to the design at that point. Another useful purpose is to enter 2 points defining a line as your horizontal control, then display offsets of a series of points from that line, or press Track and see your offset from the line updating in real time as you walk along it.
Bug fixed: COGO Inverse Curve would say Radii do not match.
Bug fixed: 2 point Resection was computing instrument pt elev using 2nd shot instead of first.
Made the Road staking functions display all distances with the # of decimals specified in Options.
Added Level to the Options for instrument, produces a level notes style printout file. Used in Collect for level loops or Stakeout -Roads where it will compute the design elevs and Cut/Fill at any station and offset.
Changed road functions so it allows a station of 0.
Added a Topcon APL1A Robotic instrument driver.
Added Transfer coordinates to/from Geodimeter Job files.

12-14-00 We now sell a hard case, rugged and waterproof to 100′ depth, for your PocketPC for only $14.00. Go to the Cases page for pictures and more info. We also offer a Window Case with a soft window to operate your PocketPC while in the case, and a Surveyors Window Case with a 9 pin serial port to connect to instruments and GPS while in the case.

12-14-00 rev 1.08
Added collect and stakeout driver for all GPS units that output NMEA-0183 data. This includes everything from the $110 Garmin eTrex (10-20 ft. accuracy) to the Trimble, Topcon/Javad, Leica, Ashtech, Allen Osborne and CMT GPS receivers.
Changed Leica baud rate to 9600 to cover more instruments.
Added a Tools- Baud rate function to over-ride the default Baud rates.
Fixed from/to gun for Geodimeter area files.
Fixed offtarget shots with certain values for dist. dont work.
Added Template + PVI files backed up with File-Backup->Flash command.
Bug fixed: was not always reading the Options when you exit and re-start the program.
Bug fixed: the Dec and DMS macros for Cool-Calc worked, but would clear the stack.
Improved stakesounds so that it makes 4 different sounds on absolute distance (>5′, >1′, >0.5′) instead of percent.

12-04-00 rev 1.07
Added a Help button to the main menu.
Made the Help screens pop up the keyboard better when finished.
Changed Measure so that it beeps only when it gets a distance so you can tell that you got a shot without even looking.
Added From/To Gun on File drop down menu for Geodimeter 600 series to get/send area files.
Changed it so that you can record field data with 0 distance for special applications by pressing Sideshot.
Changed Measure so that on your first shot from a new setup it doesn’t say Distance <=0. (since rev. 1.06)
Added Laser Atlanta – CadZone ASCII option to transfer data.

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