Free Demo

The demo program is a full-featured version of the program, but files are limited to 50 points and 30
field data shots. The entire user manual is in the on-line help accessed at any point by pressing Start, Help.

If you have a different Handheld or Palm-size computer, call or email XYZworks to request a version for your favorite computer. This demo program (except the desktop version) will not install unless you have Microsoft ActiveSync installed and hooked up to your Pocket PC. You won’t get the same feel of the program with the desktop version since it doesn’t have a touchscreen.

Click one of these links to download your free demo version of FieldWorks

Fieldworks_desktop.exe (for your desktop PC running Windows 95/98/Me/XP/NT/2000/Vista.)

FieldWorks_ARM.exe (for ARM processors running Pocket PC or Windows Mobile: HP/Compaq iPAQ, HP 560s, TDS Recon, Panasonic Toughbook rev.2, Dell Axim, AT&T Tilt/HTC TyTnII Phone)

FieldWorks.exe (MIPS processor Palm-size PC running Windows CE 2.11 or newer including Pocket PC: Compaq Aero 1500/2100 series, Casio E100 series or EG800)

FieldWorks_HPC_ARM.exe (for ARM processor Handheld PC Pro: HP 720, 820, DAP, Microsurvey Tracker, Carlson Jett CE, horizontal screen)

FieldWorks_HPC_ARMv.exe (for ARM processor Handheld PC: vertical screen: DAP)

FieldWorks_HPC.exe (for MIPS processor Handheld PC Pro running Windows CE 2.11: Husky FeX21, NEC MobilePro 770-800)

FieldWorks_Ranger.exe (for ARM processor Handheld PC: TDS Ranger/AtWorkComputers Ranger)

FieldWorks_Ranger2.exe (for ARM processor Pocket PC: TDS Ranger 2 (windows mobile)

FieldWorks_Allegro.exe (for ARM processor Handheld PC: Allegro CE)

FieldWorks_HPC_PAN.exe (for ARM processor Handheld PC: Panasonic Toughbook rev.1)

FieldWorks_ppc_top.exe (for ARM processor Pocket PC: Topcon FC-100)

FieldWorks_HPC_ARM.exe (for ARM processor HPC: Topcon FC-2000)

When your browser prompts you, select save as, and note the folder you saved the file in. (It doesnt matter where you save it.)┬áIf a left click doesn’t work, try a right click and pick Save Target As. When finished with the download (300K Bytes – takes approx. 3 minutes at 28800 Baud or the desktop version is 700K Bytes – takes 5 minutes at 28800 Baud), Open the file.

Installation Instructions

Open the FieldWorks.exe self-extracting zip file from whatever folder you have saved it in, with your Mobile device hooked up and ActiveSync running. (no ActiveSync needed for desktop version.) If you don’t have Activesynch, go to and enter activesync into the search box, download and install that before installing Fieldworks. A box will appear asking To unzip all the files in FieldWorks.exe.

1. Do not change any of the options, and press Unzip.
2. Then it says 3 files (or 14 for desktop) unzipped sucessfully, press OK.
3. Answer the standard installation prompts.
4. Then it says Install XYZworks FieldWorks using the default application install directory? Press Yes, and the program installs.

Thats it. To run, press Start,Fieldworks or Start-Programs-Fieldworks or hit the Fieldworks Icon on your desktop depending on your model of computer. The entire manual is in the online help which you can read by hitting the help button anywhere in the program.

Notes for the Topcon FC-100:

When installing after step 4, the FC100 will show a dialog asking where to install, just hit OK.
When running Fieldworks (only on the FC100) the soft keyboard has a bar on top that blocks some of the menu buttons. To get to those buttons, move the keyboard down by dragging the blue bar that says Input Panel.