Fieldworks Tips and other things we recommend: (email support (at) xyzworks dot com if you have any Tips)

There is a good calculator program with RPN available for free download from

Watch if you have the backlight turned on when outdoors, it uses up your battery 3 times faster, and you often cannot tell the difference.

Be careful about leaving any data collector sitting on the shelf and letting the battery go dead, because you loose any files in memory that you haven’t backed up to the Flash Card. Use the File-Backup->Flash function often!

Pick Tools-Options-Auto-Hide toolbars gives you much more screen space and enter point size 10 to see an X at points.

XYZworks Fieldbook
The Fieldworks program is on the internal CF card called SystemCF.
You can download the user manual for the Fieldbook computer from
The serial# that you need to enter the first time you run Fieldworks and open a job is the 5 digit number found on the sticker inside the battery compartment in the back of the unit.
You can create and open your jobs on the internal card called SystemCF and they can never be lost due to loss of power.
One new feature added for the Fieldbook is in Collect and Stakeout, the Enter key = Measure and the Esc key = Sideshot. On most dialog boxes with an OK, Enter = OK, Esc=Cancel.

If you bought PocketCAD for the Fieldbook, you first install from the CD, then you need to copy 2 files for the latest version (which you can get from support (at) via email) to the \Program Files\PocketCAD folder. To backup your PocketCAD program to the internal Flash card, after installing PocketCAD from the CD as usual, Use Windows explorer to open the \SystemCF folder and double tap backup_pcad to run it. It will backup all the program and help files to the built-in storage card, and it creates the proper entries in your system FileCopy.txt file so that if you ever lose power you won’t need to re-install PocketCAD. It also creates 2 shortcuts on your desktop for PocketCAD and Help

Recommended free downloads:
Calculator: choose the HPC version.
To setup the calculator program to work best for this screen, choose View-Options, Mode- RPN, Deg, View Tab, Function Keypad -Width 26, Main Keypad -Width 27.
For a Spreadsheet: choose the CE.NET ARM V4 version.

Panasonic Toughbook (original model)
You can mount the tripod hook on the back more solidly than velcro by loosening the 2 small screws on the top back, remove the velcro from the hook we provide, and then slip it under the screws and tighten.
If you let the battery go dead:
1. Run the SD\Install.bat file to turn on activesync.
2. Hit Start-Settings-Control Panel, pick Communications, PC Connection Tab, Change Connection… then pick Serial Port-115K”>.
3. Hit Volume and Sounds, and check the Enable Sounds for Hardware buttons and Screen taps (loud) and turn up the volume to the max.
Recommended free downloads: (pick the HPC version)

Panasonic Toughbook (rev.2 – 9 pin + PocketPC model)
If you let the battery go dead:
1. Hit Volume and Sounds, and check the Enable Sounds for Hardware buttons and Screen taps (loud) and turn up the volume to the max. 

HP iPAQ 2210
To get the Fieldworks program shortcut to show up on the start menu, you must first choose one of the other shortcuts to delete (I chose Nevo since I am not using this as a TV remote control.)  Using File explorer from your desktop with ActiveSync, delete \Mobile Device\Windows\Start Menu\Nevo (or other shortcut) then copy \Mobile Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Fieldworks shortcut to \Mobile Device\Windows\Start Menu.  This is because they changed the Start menu so it doesn’t scroll like older models of iPAQs, and when you exceed the screen it puts them into the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder.

Warning, the HP iPAQ 2210 has a Windows Mobile 2003 Soft Reset Bug. (doesn’t affect older ipaqs.)

Every time you soft reset your unit 3 records are added into a system database called DB_notify_events. After 30 soft resets the system will start to act unstable and starting from 50 soft resets you will have difficulties synchronizing your device. The problem can be fixed by installing this software:

Topcon FC-100
To prevent the pop up keyboard from covering up some of the buttons near the bottom of Fieldworks screens, you need to hit Start-Settings-Taskbar Menu and uncheck the Always on Top box.

Here is a link to a simple terminal program that runs on PocketPC tty.exe