First, see the Whats New page to decide if there have been any updates you want. Click one of these links to download your free update for your FieldWorks program: (this installs to your card, it will not work if you don’t have your Fieldworks card in your mobile device, and connected to your desktop with ActiveSync, except for desktop version)

FieldWorks_updateARM.exe (for ARM processors running Pocket PC: HP/Compaq iPAQ, HP 560s (ARM), AT&T Tilt/HTC TyTnII Phone folder named Storage Card)

FieldWorks_updateCF.exe (for ARM processors running Pocket PC: HP iPAQ 2200s, Dell Axim (ARM) folder named CF Card)

FieldWorks_updateSD.exe (for ARM processors running Pocket PC: HP iPAQ 2200s, Dell Axim (ARM) folder named SD Card)

FieldWorks_updatePAN.exe (for Panasonic Toughbook 01 rev 1 (ARM-HPC))

FieldWorks_updatePPC_PAN.exe (for Panasonic Toughbook 01 rev 2 (ARM-PocketPC))

FieldWorks_updateALLEGRO.exe (for Allegro CE (ARM-HPC) folder named C_Drive)

FieldWorks_updateFB.exe (for XYZworks Fieldbook (ARM-HPC) folder named SystemCF)

Fieldworks_desktop.exe (for your desktop PC running Windows 95/98/Me/XP/NT/2000.)

When your browser prompts you, select save as, and note the folder you saved the file in. (It doesnt matter where you save it.)┬áIf a left click doesn’t work, try a right click and pick Save Target As. When finished with the download (300K Bytes – takes approx. 3 minutes at 28k Baud or the desktop version is 700K Bytes – takes 5 minutes at 28k Baud), Open the file.

Installation Instructions

First, if you have a previous update, do not uninstall it. Never remove any updates or you remove the program from the card and will need to install another update to get it back.

Open the FieldWorks.exe self-extracting zip file from whatever folder you have saved it in, with your Mobile device hooked up and ActiveSync running. (no ActiveSync needed for desktop version.) If you don’t have Activesync, go to www.microsoft.com and enter activesync into the search box, download and install that before installing Fieldworks. A box will appear asking To unzip all the files in FieldWorks.exe.

1. Do not change any of the options, and press Unzip.
2. Then it says 3 files (or 14 for desktop) unzipped sucessfully, press OK.
3. Answer the standard installation prompts.
4. Then it says Install XYZworks FieldWorks Update using the default application install directory? Press Yes, and the update installs.

Thats it. You can confirm if you are running the latest version of the program by running Fieldworks, then hit File-About and look at the rev.#