What’s New

We are making improvements to our programs often. Here are all of the dates and revision numbers. To check what version you have, from the main menu, choose the drop-down menu item File-About. To get a new version, go to the Fieldworks Update page. If you have an old demo version and want to see . . . → Read More: What’s New

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Our next Android app released: Triangulate

We released Triangulate, used to find the coordinates of a remote point. Available now on the Android market for only $2.99 at this link: Triangulate App or scan this QR code with your phone:

This is useful for reporting or locating wild fires, for landowners, firefighters, land surveyors, boaters, pilots, search and rescue, amateur radio . . . → Read More: Our next Android app released: Triangulate

Our first Android app released: Map Check

We released Map Check, our first Android app for phones and tablets. Available now on the Android market for only $7.99 at this link: Map Check App or scan this QR code with your phone:

The XYZworks Map Check app is used to enter data from a map, plat, or legal description of a lot . . . → Read More: Our first Android app released: Map Check

List of every past revision

8-27-11 rev. 3.19 Added a Sokkia SRX robotic driver. Improved Remote distance function to accept an HT of 0 (better for reflectorless guns.) Improved Remote elevation and off target shots so it downloads the 2nd zenith angle from Leica guns. Increased the font size on the desktop version. Improved 2 point resection so it uses . . . → Read More: List of every past revision

Main Menu

The Fieldworks program is an easy to use and powerful program for Land Surveying and Construction applications which features full screen data entry, and fast, accurate execution. It uses the latest and most advanced computer hardware to provide unparalleled features and computation speed, and the Windows CE operating system (and Pocket PC) to make it . . . → Read More: Main Menu


The Collect functions allow you to enter field survey data and then reduce it to three dimensional coordinates. Field data may be entered manually or transferred from many Total Stations or GPS. The HI is the only question asked with GPS, and a Localization dialog, (see using with GPS) and there is no . . . → Read More: Collect


Here is the menu of types of stakeout:

Radial Stakeout Set up on a point, backsight a point and radially stakeout points.

First you enter your instrument setup information. Then after you enter a To: point, FieldWorks will display information about the location of the point to be staked: the Horizontal Angle, Vertical Distance, . . . → Read More: Stakeout


When you first enter the plot function, the screen appears with the last 10 points in the file displayed as a default for plotting. You may then modify this point list to plot a different range of points. This point list will be automatically saved in a plot file with the same name as . . . → Read More: Plot



This function computes the coordinates and elevation of the instrument point given two known points and the horizontal angle, zenith angle and slope distance to each of the known points in clockwise order. This is also called Free Station. FieldWorks resection has a high accuracy without strength of triangle concerns. The . . . → Read More: Resection